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Fight gone bad keychain

I recently had a customer purchase one of my pendants and requested that I make the jump ring hole a bit larger because they wanted to put it on a keychain.  I did as they desired but then got to thinking, why not make keychains????  I went out and found a supplier with some really nice chrome keychains with rings, did some research and, VOILA! I’m churning out keychains!!!

I currently have four listed on the 321 Go Stuff website:





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Last night while filling orders, my 8 year old son (a CrossFit kids disciple), came into the room and said,

“Dad, when can I design one of the pieces?”

“How about right now?”

So from that conversation comes the HARD CORE Kettlebell!  My sone Will decided that he wanted to a tab to hang from a kettlebell charm, with HARD CORE stamped on it, with the skull and crossbones at each end.  I took his idea, stamped it out, and here you have it.  Oh yeah, I told him I’d split the profits with him!

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kettlebell charms

I now have kettlebell charms to wear on necklaces, add to charm braclets, or do mini-swings with!!!  I’ve been asked and asked by folks if I had metal kettlebell charms, my answer was always no, but now I do!  

It took me some time to find a person willing to cast them for me to the exact specs that I wanted.  I finally located an artist that could cast them from pewter and they are beautiful!  And now that I have them a 321 Go Stuff, I’ll creating several new designs in addition to selling them as singles hanging on a ball chains.

If you are looking for some awesome kettlebell charms, come see us at 321 Go Stuff.  We hand craft all of our designs for athletes, by athletes.  Come see our full line of CrossFit, cycling, running and triathlon items at 321 Go Stuff!

ImageMy favorite all-time thing I’ve ever heard about CrossFit is that some people consider it a cult. There’s the Mooney’s, the Jim Jones’, and CrossFitters everywhere!!!! LOL  Well I for one have to agree that if it is a cult, at least it’s A GOOD KIND OF CULT!!!

I created this piece to show how funny this is.  But, I really created it so you can show everyone to which cult you pledge your allegiance.  All of us a 3-2-1 Go Stuff know what cult they’re in.

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By now, almost everyone has come to the realization that the Honey Badger Don’t Care!!!! All he does is hunt and eat everything in his path, including bees, cobras, mice, and anything else. He takes what he wants!
The Honey Badger is by far the toughest little animal on the planet and almost every CrossFit Box has adopted it as the official/unofficial mascot. Out of demand, I’ve created this HONEY BADGER design for all you fans of the honey badger. It’s a hammered piece of copper that is around an inch wide and I’ve hand stamped Honey Badger onto it. I’ve also attached it to a steel ball chain and added a pewter barbell charm for added bling.
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We’ve all seen them. You know, those bikes with one huge front wheel and a little rear tire. They are normally seen in old photos, or at nostalgia festivals where they are ridden by a dapper young man in a suit and derby hat, and sporting a pencil thin mustache. I can’t imagine what it’d be like to ride on, but out of respect for the bicycling forefathers, I’ve created this piece.

This penny farthing design is comprised of a 5/8″ copper round that I’ve hand stamped OLD SCHOOL onto it. I’ve also added a silver plated penny farthing charm to the 24″ ball chain that this piece comes on.

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I love hand stamping jewelry, especially Crossfit related items.  However, I had a request from a cyclist to create something special for all of the fellow bikers out there.  What I came up with was a design that incorporates two charms and an 1.25″ pendant handstamped with the word CADENCE.

CADENCE sums up what a cyclist does.  It’s the one thing that you have to keep up or you will fall to the back into the pack.  I like to run at around 90 rpm cadence, but at any pace, the CADENCE hand stamped necklace with charms will show your enthusiasm for the sport.

CADENCE is stamped onto an aluminum 1.25″ pendant.  A steel 1″ bicycle sprocket is attached to the pendant by a jump ring.  Both are attached to a 24″ ball chain necklace and I add an addition cycle charm to it to add a little more bling.  All in all, it’s a nice piece that is suitable for both men and women and will be a conversation piece.

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The WOD I did yesterday SUCKED!  I’m sore this morning, but it’s a good kind of sore because I know that I SUCK LESS than I did last week.  In fact, every week that you stick with the CrossFit workouts, you get stronger, more balanced, and a whole heck of a lot tougher.

The fact that sucking less is why we all workout, I made a piece to show the world. Sure, not everyone is gonna get it.  But, EVERYONE at your box sure will.  It’s a 7/8″ round brass piece with the words “SUCK LESS” stamped on it.  I’ve also attached a pewter barbell charm to it.  This is a really flashy design that will catch the eye and you can find it HERE!

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All of us at 3-2-1 Go Stuff received some new supplies the other day, and in it was a few 1″x1/4″ tabs in Aluminum, copper and brass.  They are really cool much thinner than the thick bars we used to carry.  Since they are also very nice to stamp on, we sat down and pounded out this creation.

It’s an aluminum tab with CROSSFIT stamped on it.  We textured the edges to give it a more edgy look.  To make it rock, we added a pewter barbell charm, and hung it on an 18″ silver plated snake chain.  This one has become my new favorite piece of hand stamped crossfit jewelry that we make!

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Fight Gone Bad NecklaceMy favorite CrossFit work it has to be Fight Gone Bad.  If you’ve never done it, it is the most fun, hardest 18 minutes of your life.  I starts with 1 minute of Wall balls, then 1 minute of 75# sumo deadlift high-pulls, then 1 minute of Box Jumps, then 1 minute of 75# push press, and lastly you do 1 minute of rowing… then you get to rest 1 minute before repeating it all over again 3 to 5 more times.  You are scored on how any reps you do and it’s the most competitive of all the WOD’s. But please note, there are no bonus points for puking.

Out of respect for the Fight Gone Bad workout, all of us at 3-2-1 Go Stuff got together and created a necklace in honor of it.  The Fight Gone Bad pendant is a 1″ Copper Square that is hammered around the edges and mounted on a 24″ ball chain.  As you’ll see in the picture, there is something rustic about it with regard to the simple block text, and the rough edges.

So, if you are interested in a piece of hand stamped Crossfit jewelry that shows you love Fight Gone Bad, come see us at 3-2-1 Go Stuff.  Or if you’ve got an idea for a custom piece, shoot us an email!  We’d love to hear from you!